Improved Production And Energy Efficiency

We provide solutions to improve production and energy efficiency of industrial processes

​​20 years of experience in supporting clients goals

We are skilled to model, design, measure and implement equipment which help save energy, increase capacity or improve working conditions. The solutions we provide support our clients in reaching their targets and achieving their goals.

We are familiar, but not limited to, with drying section heat recovery and air systems, floatation dryers, machine room and other process ventilation, and drying kiln heat recovery systems.

In our references we have a wide range of modelling, design and deliveries mainly for Scandinavian pulp and paper industry.

We have a wide network which enables us to make projects from smaller modelling tasks up to large scale turnkey deliveries.

How much exhaust air is needed for a certain evaporation?

Air systems

Dryer exhaust air flow rate is one of the ways to maintain constant process conditions. However, due to the different boundary conditions set by process or machinery the flow rate can differ remarkably from the design point.

How to use computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to analyze the function of machine room ventilation?

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is an efficient tool to estimate flow fields and their interaction with heat and humidity sources. What to take into the consideration when modeling complete machine room ventilation system?

What happens to the air system performance when fan rotation speed is changed?

Fan is designed to be operated in a defined design point. However, often the real operation point is something else.

How much energy can be recovered from the dryer section exhaust air flow?

Essential part of energy efficient dryer section operation is a properly dimensioned heat recovery system. In green field projects the design of the heat recovery system is almost the standard, but in rebuild cases there is need for tailor-made design is needed to maximize the benefit of the heat recovery system.