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Temperature and humidity – importance for dryer’s heat recovery efficiency

Heat recovery

It is a common rule that increased humidity level in dryer’s exhaust air flow improves heat recovery rate. Besides this there is a fact that increased temperature difference between hot and cold fluid flows increases heat transfer as Newton’s law of cooling defines. However, the scale of influence of these two factors is not so obvious for all designers. In this article is presented with an example the importance of these parameters.

How to control the exhaust air rate of the dryer?

Air systems

To maintain the sufficient process conditions and to optimize the energy efficiency of the dryer section the exhaust air rate needs to be adjusted. By keeping the exhaust air rate...

How the functioning of machine room ventilation can be evaluated?

Air systems

Well-working machine room ventilation guarantees sufficient working conditions for the operators and for the process. Non-working ventilation can easily affect on product quality and cause problems for the production facilities...

How much increased water content in dryer section exhaust air will improve the heat recovery efficiency?

Heat recovery

Exhaust air flow from the dryer section is normally adjusted by maintaining constant water content in air flow. In some situations, exhaust air flow needs to be decreased thus causing decrease for the heat recovery process. Decreased humidity level decreases energy efficiency by means of lower heat recovery rate and higher specific heat consumption of the drying process.