Balance Group

The history of the Balance Group goes back to 1999, when the founder of the company, Kalle Riihimäki, began operations under the name Balance Engineering. At that time the operation was primarily the overall management of the customers’ – equipment suppliers’ – projects and applying one’s own competence to these projects. Over time the clientele changed from equipment suppliers to industrial process owners, but the tasks remain in consultation and optimisation of customers’ processes.

When the plans became reality, the operation expanded from process planning to equipment and equipment set design. At this point the operations and products of Balance Engineering were supplemented to resemble what they are today. Simultaneously with planning, the need to investigate in more detail the current state of production processes increased, and then suitable equipment was purchased and a cooperation network to create the Services function was built. The operation still continued under the Balance Engineering company name, but customer needs had also driven us towards turnkey deliveries. The Works function was began in 2010, when we made the first turnkey deliveries to our customers. The need to clarify our business operations was evident, and in 2012 our company was reorganised to its current format Balance Group, which consists of Engineering, Services and Works functions.

We still offer our customers separate design and measurement projects, but at the same time, together with our cooperation network we enable operation with the one stop principle from preliminary planning to equipment delivery.