Balance Services

We clarify the current state of the customer’s processes. We then also identify the possible bottlenecks in the process and the most profitable targets considering maintenance and investments. A typical outcome is a clear task list or instructions on a change of running modes.  In our Services unit we also offer training and product development services, which support deployment and ensure a successful end result for our customers. Services are often part of a turnkey delivery, implemented by Balance Engineering or Balance Works.

Part of our service offering consists of energy audits of processes and real estate and energy inspections. We continuously maintain the competence level of our personnel for these services. To support the competence we use applicable calculation and measurement methods.

The example below shows the modelling of pulp drying, which is adapted to the process measurements executed. The figure presents the temperature of both surfaces of the web and the z-direction centre point and the development of humidity during the through drying.


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