Air systems

Air system is a set of the machinery to move air from on point to another. Air system consists of the needed devices to create and control volume flow and also to manipulate air to improve its quality / temperature etc. Dimensioning of the air system depends on the boundary conditions set by process or demanded air conditions.

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How the functioning of machine room ventilation can be evaluated?

Well-working machine room ventilation guarantees sufficient working conditions for the operators and for the process. Non-working ventilation can easily affect on product quality and cause problems for the production facilities...

How much exhaust air is needed for a certain evaporation?

Dryer exhaust air flow rate is one of the ways to maintain constant process conditions. However, due to the different boundary conditions set by process or machinery the flow rate can differ remarkably from the design point.

How to use computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to analyze the function of machine room ventilation?

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is an efficient tool to estimate flow fields and their interaction with heat and humidity sources. What to take into the consideration when modeling complete machine room ventilation system?

What happens to the air system performance when fan rotation speed is changed?

Fan is designed to be operated in a defined design point. However, often the real operation point is something else.